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The fair staffing company

Catch Me makes side jobs available to everyone while also making the workforce available to the market. The service is 100% digital and has a unique matching system that is fair and automated, you will never have to apply for a job again – Catch Me applies for you.




About Catch Me

Catch Me aims to create a world where all people have equal opportunities to get a job. We are a staffing company that works hard to ensure that anyone who can and wants to earn money, can do so. By anonymizing the employee to the employer during recruitment, a fairer job market is created. Where gender, age, ethnicity, and religion becomes irrelevant, a truly fair system. Our app is easy to use, quick to match, and reliable 24/7. We are Catch Me – the fair staffing company.

For Job Seekers

Catch Me is for those who want to earn extra money or find a new job. Registration is easy, and all identification is conveniently done with BankID. Catch Me matches available jobs to you based on your profile, and you quickly receive a job offer when there is a match. This means you never have to actively apply for jobs – the app automates and takes care of that for you. You also always get paid the same day the job is complete. Earning extra money has never been this easy!

For Employers

With the Catch Me app, recruitment of new employees becomes smoother and easier. When you post a job, it is matched against all job seekers’ profiles registered in the app, you quickly receive candidates. It shows skills and ratings from previous employers to further improve your hiring. Catch Me is simply an easier and more cost-effective solution. It even includes tools that allows you to handle the salary payout. Allow Catch Me make your recruitment smoother, more effective, and easier.

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Your next job is just a few clicks away!

Explore the possibilities with Catch Me and discover how easy it is to find your next assignment. We have streamlined the process so that you can get started quickly and smoothly. Want to know how? Click here to learn more about our simple step-by-step process.


A fair and quick way to finding a job.

Earning extra money has never been easier!

“In a world where all people have equal opportunities to find a job, that world becomes more equal and safer.”

Competence matters more than appearance

For us at Catch Me, job opportunities are based on skill, not identity. This means that our unique approach to “anonymizing” candidates puts the focus on competence and skills rather than factors like gender, age, ethnicity, and religion. The process does not even take those factors into account. All employers see is recruitment-relevant information, such as skills, language proficiency and other relevant things. With Catch Me, you can be certain that a job offer is 100% based on your skills and your competence.


We are the fair staffing company.

We understand the importance of a job. Everyone who wants and can should have the opportunity to earn money. We also know that today’s job market is challenging. To much emphasis is put on irrelevant things like who you know, or don’t know. The unwritten rules in today’s job market are anything but fair. We want to change that.

Catch Me makes jobs accessible to the workforce and the workforce accessible to the employers. The service is 100% digital, and our matching system is unique, meaning you don’t actively need to apply for a job. We have also created a solution where all job seekers in Catch Me are “anonymous”. The matching process doesn’t consider gender, age, ethnicity, or religion. The only information visible to the employer is what’s relevant for the recruitment process – such as skills, physical capabilities, and language proficiency. By not allowing the employer to identify irrelevant things a more equal job market is established.

We aim to do good and be a partner that both employees and employers can trust. We are Catch Me – the fair staffing company.


Register easily with Bank-ID and let Catch Me match available jobs based on your profile. No more actively job hunting – the app takes care of it for you. Get paid the same day the job is done. Download the app below to get started!


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