A seed was planted during an interview in 2011 in Sweden’s largest morning newspaper. Eleven years later, Poyan Sandnell founded the staffing company Catch Me, and in January 2024, an inclusive service was launched with fully automatic matching, setting an entirely new standard for finding personnel or securing a job.

Poyan sitter i en soffa med växter i bakgrunden

In connection with the Iranian revolution, four-year-old Poyan Asghari and his family moved to Sweden. The year was 1987, and they were warmly welcomed by host families in their new hometown of Katrineholm. The Asghari family was introduced to the community, learned the new language, and celebrated both Christmas and Midsummer with their new friends. Additionally, Poyan followed his father’s advice to make Swedish friends to integrate into the community in their new homeland. Poyan quickly adapted to his new surroundings and was never teased or harassed because of his background.

But as the years went by and Poyan grew older, he encountered more obstacles. For example, before the summer vacation of 1999, 16-year-old Poyan and his classmates looked forward to getting summer jobs in Katrineholm. Everyone got a job except Poyan and another student. But Poyan was determined; he would only have one summer job, so he cycled around and delivered flyers to mailboxes in the city’s residential areas. He offered his services in gardening, and the jobs quickly started pouring in. In true entrepreneurial spirit, he also put up signs where he worked – he had seen construction companies do it – and it paid off. Poyan worked the most and earned the most of anyone in the class in the summer of 1999.

His schoolwork was excellent. Poyan got good jobs, and later in life, he started his own businesses. But something bothered him in the first few years after school. He should have had more job interviews, considering his grades and qualifications, so in 2004, he registered the surname Sandnell with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office. Poyan did it partly because he felt Swedish and wanted a Swedish name, but deep down, he also hoped it would open doors to future employers.

In 2011, Poyan was interviewed in DN regarding the name change seven years earlier, and that’s when the idea of ​​helping others who have difficulty entering the job market was born. Poyan knew that many had it tougher than he did. The question was just how to go about it. The thoughts came up now and then for many years to come, but it wasn’t until 2022 that the pieces started to fall into place. Poyan had sold his company and was considering what to do next.

Malin poch Poyan

The idea of ​​a digital staffing company began to take shape and contained two important parameters; the matching would be fully automatic, and the service would be inclusive. Qualifications should determine who gets a job, not age, gender, name, or appearance. Later that year, Poyan went from thought to action, and he registered Catch Me AB (publ).

In early January 2024, Catch Me’s inclusive service was launched on the Swedish market.



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