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By investing in Catch Me, you can be part of shaping the future of recruitment and the job market while contributing to getting more people into employment.



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Welcome to join Catch Me. We’re on this journey together!

Investing in Catch Me means being part of a revolutionized movement that is redefining the labor market. By offering a 100% digital platform for job seekers and recruitment, Catch Me creates a seamless and efficient process to match the workforce with available jobs. This digital transformation provides the company with a significant competitive advantage and substantial growth opportunities.

Catch Me is unique. Traditional staffing companies use traditional methods, through our recruitment system we are redefining the labor market. By focusing on relevant criteria such as skills, physical capabilities, and language proficiency, and not considering gender, age, ethnicity, or religion, a more fair and inclusive job market is established. This creates a broader and more diverse pool of talents, which in turn grants companies investing in Catch Me access to a variety of qualified, diverse and competent candidates.

Poyan Sandnell,
CEO – Catch Me



“Through Catch Me, the market gains access to a digitally driven platform that redefines the recruitment process. Catch Me focuses on part-time jobs, and automated matching enables growth and efficiency for businesses. This means simpler and more cost-effective recruitment processes without compromising on accuracy. Another innovation is that it is an inclusive service. This means that those offered a job through Catch Me remain anonymous. This way, the job is always offered to the person with the best qualifications and most suitable skills.”


Poyan Sandnell, CEO

Our Unique Matching System paves the way for the Future Job Market and opportunities for all.

Catch Me’s matching system is a pivotal differentiating factor. By not requiring users to actively apply for jobs and instead automatically connecting them with relevant opportunities, a more seamless and efficient recruitment process is established. This saves time and resources for both employers and job seekers, making Catch Me an attractive solution for companies looking to streamline their recruitment processes.

Investors choosing to invest in Catch Me are not only given the opportunity to be part of a disruptive and growing sector but also to support a platform that promotes inclusion and fairness. By investing in Catch Me, investors can help shape the future of the labor market, where competence and ability take precedence over biases and discrimination.

Malin Engström,
Investor relations – Catch Me


A competent board with a clear vision for the future

With Christer Trägårdh, former Vice President of the Swedbank Group, and Carolina Engström Lökken, former CEO of the Friends Foundation, Catch Me combines financial expertise and social commitment.

Svartvit bild på Poyan Sandnell

Poyan Sandnell
CEO, Catch Me


Svartvit porträttbild på Malin Engstrom på Catch Me

Malin Engström
Investor relations, Catch Me


Svartvit bild på Christer-Tragardh

Christer Trägårdh
Chairman of the Board, Catch Me (starting in March 2024)


Former Vice President of the Swedbank Group and former chairman of the Real Estate Agency.

Read more about Christer

Carolina Engström Lökken
Board member, Catch Me (starting in March 2024)


Former CEO at Stiftelsen Friends and current CEO at Wes.

Read more about Carolina

Magnus Jonason
Chairman of the Board, Catch Me (until March 2024)

Patrik Lundstedt
Board member, Catch Me (until March 2024)

En person som håller en mobil i handen.

The offer

Capital sought – SEK 11,000,000

Valuation – SEK 50,000,000

Price per share – SEK 100
– At least 50 shares
– B shares apply, but with an investment of at least SEK 250,000 they are A shares

Minimum capital investment – SEK 5,000

Estimated closing date for the issue – 2024


Q4 2024 – Catch Me has 1000 active employees with Team 2 in place and is now launched in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Break even

Q1-Q2 2025 – Possible listing in Sweden

Q3-Q4 2026 –14,000 active employees and launch in Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

2027 – 42,000 active employees and launch in the rest of Europe.

2028 – Listing on Nasdaq in the US.

Why is Catch Me a good investment?

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